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In 2012, Queensland schools will begin implementing the new Australian Curriculum that supersedes the Essential Learnings curriculum. The following Water: Learn it for life! curriculum resources were written to assist teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum.



Cross-curriculum priority: sustainability

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Essential Learnings resources

The Essential Learnings curriculum was published by the Queensland Studies Authority in 2007 and used in Years Preparatory–10 in Queensland schools until 2011. The Water: Learn it for life! resources were originally developed to align with the Essential Learnings curriculum.

Even though the original units are no longer relevant for the new Australian Curriculum, they still provide primary and middle years teachers with a bank of engaging lesson plans and activities addressing the following key elements of water education that remain relevant in Queensland classrooms: the water cycle, water conservation, water sources and storage, water efficiency, and water recycling and alternative water sources.

These resources can be downloaded from this website. 

The supporting material, Background Information for Teachers, includes all the information required to confidently deliver the lessons and activities.

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Last updated 12 March 2013

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