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21 GSQ378 Porphyry-type copper and molybdenum mineralisation in eastern Queensland Business centres $15.75
22 GSQ379 Mount Vista porphyry-type copper prospect, Collinsville, Queensland. geological environment of copper-molydenum mineralisation at Mount Turner, North Queensland Business centres $15.75
23 GSQ380 A middle triassic flora from the moolayember formation, Bowen basin, Queensland Business centres $15.75
24 GSQ381 Illustrations of early tertiary (eocene) plant microfossils from the Yaamba basin, Queensland Business centres $15.75
25 GSQ382 Industrial rock and mineral resources of the Brisbane and Caboolture 1:100 000 sheet areas Business centres $15.75
26 GSQ384 Sedimentation and depositional environments of the permian sequence in GSQ eddystone 1, denison trough, queensland. faunal sequence and palaeoecology of the marine permian in GSQ Eddystone 1, Denison trough, Queensland Business centres $15.75
27 GSQ385 Industrial rock and mineral resources of the Nambour and Caloundra 1:100 000 sheet areas Business centres $15.75
28 GSQ386 Quaternary geology and coastline evolution of Trinity Bay, North Queensland Business centres $15.75
29 GSQ387 Late oligocene to early miocene palynomorphs from GSQ Sandy Cape 1-3r. quantitative autofluorescence variation in a low rank permian palynomorph assemblage. a late permian lycopod cone, skilliostrobus sp. cf. s. australis ash, 1979, from Qld Business centres $15.75
30 North Stradbroke Island - hydrogeological report Business centres $15.75
31 REP073 Coal resources - Baralaba-Moura-Kianga-Theodore coalfield - Moura no. 1 , Mungi area (REP073) Business centres $15.75
32 REP074 Gilmore Gas field Business centres $15.75
33 REP078 Copperlode Falls damsite - geological report Business centres $15.75
34 REP079 Stratigraphy and economic potential of the Injune Creek group in the Surat Basin Business centres $15.75
35 REP081 Departmental diamond drilling programme - Cracow goldfield Business centres $15.75
36 REP082 Neardie antimony deposits, Gympie Business centres $15.75
37 REP084 Geology of the Mundubbera 1:250 000 sheet area Business centres $15.75
38 REP085 Copper mining in the Cloncurry and Mount Isa mining fields, 1971 Business centres $15.75
39 REP086 Correlation and environmental trends of the subsurface tertiary Capricorn basin Business centres $15.75
40 REP089 Coal exploration, south central Bowen basin, departmental area 56D Business centres $15.75

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