Postage and handling

Postage and handling fees for publications, products and services.

Title Availability Price
1 Digital data distribution - by DVD Request data $109.20‡
2 Digital data distribution - by email Request data $109.20‡
3 Digital data distribution - by large external drive Request data $309.40‡
4 Digital data distribution - by small external drive Request data $241.80‡
5 Postage and handling - envelope up to A4 size Business centres $3.25‡
6 Postage and handling - parcel up to 500g, CD products or up to 5 maps in a map tube Business centres $6.45‡
7 Postage and handling - parcel 500g to 2kg Business centres $16.35‡
8 Postage and handling - parcel 2kg to 5kg Business centres $24.80‡
9 Postage and handling - parcel above 5kg and larger Business centres POA
10 Postage and handling - registered mail - envelope up to A4 size Business centres $10.85‡
11 Postage and handling - overseas Business centres POA
12 Fax fee - for copies of documents transmitted by facsimile process, in addition to the fee charged for the normal service - per item Business centres $6.45‡
13 Digital data exchange (DDX) - annual service charge Business centres $336.20‡

‡ Price includes GST (a Commonwealth Government Tax).

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