Property registration (freehold): Property, titles and valuations

Fees payable under the Land Title Act 1994 to register interests in freehold land.

Title Availability Price
1 Additional fee for lodging a transfer of fee simple or transfer of a lease under the South Bank Corporation Act 1989 if the consideration is more than $180,000 - for each $10,000 or part of $10,000 more than $180,000 Titles registry $29.80
2 Creating an indefeasible title or a separate indefeasible title on request (other than a deed of grant) for each indefeasible title created Titles registry $61.20
3 Depositing or removing an administrative advice Titles registry $14.30
4 Depositing or withdrawing a settlement notice Titles registry $29.80
5 Examining one or more sketch plans that are part of a document issued under the Land Title Regulation 2005 Business centres $37.90
6 For each additional lot when lodging documents that changes ownership of a lot or interest in a lot Titles registry $29.80
7 Lodging a plan of survey in accordance with the Land Act 1994 Titles registry $310.60
8 Lodging a request to cancel, discharge or satisfy a writ of execution Titles registry $29.80
9 Lodging a request to note the lapsing of a caveat Titles registry nil
10 Lodging a request to record a change of the address for service of notice of a body corporate recorded on an indefeasible title for common property Titles registry $29.80
11 Lodging a request to record a new community management statement for a community title scheme Titles registry $76.20
12 Lodging a request to record the first community management statement for the scheme for establishing a community titles scheme Titles registry $157.40
13 Lodging a request to remove from an indefeasible title a lease or easement that has expired or a profit a prendre that has expired or otherwise ended Titles registry nil
14 Lodging a standard terms document Titles registry nil
15 Lodging an application for a certificate of title where the certificate is collected from an office of the Department Titles registry nil
16 Lodging an application for a certificate of title where the certificate of title is posted by registered mail Titles registry $6.50
17 Lodging an application to extend a name reservation Titles registry $76.20
18 Lodging an application to reserve a name as the identifying name to be shown in the community management statement for a proposed community titles scheme (a 'name reservation') Titles registry $76.20
19 Lodging an application to withdraw a name reservation Titles registry nil
20 Lodging an instrument received through the post, by courier service or by document exchange service - additional fee for each instrument Titles registry $29.80

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