Use of state land

Fees payable under the Land Act 1994 concerning the registration of interests in state land.

Title Availability Price
1 Calculating rent valuations for a category 12.2 lease if the averaged value of the lease land for the rental period is more than the fee under the Land Act 1994 Business centres $11,050.00
2 Application for an exchange of land (Act, s 18(5)) - Form LA21 Business centres $236.20
3 Application for an allocation of a floating reservation (Act, s 23A) Business centres $236.20
4 Application to buy land in a reservation (Act, s 24(3)) - Form LA12 Business centres $236.20
5 Application to buy unallocated State land (Act, ss 120A(1) and 122(3)) - Form LA10 Business centres $236.20
6 Application for the dedication of land as a road for public use (Act, s 94(2)) - Form LA17 Business centres $236.20
7 Application for a road closure if the closure is permanent (Act, s 99(1)) - Form LA18 Business centres $236.20
8 Application for a road closure if the closure is temporary, including issuing a road licence over the road (Act, s 99) - Form LA18 Business centres $236.20
9 Application for a road licence over a temporarily closed road other than the road licence mentioned in paragraph (e)(ii) (Act, s 103) - Form LA19 Business centres $236.20
10 Application for the simultaneous opening and closing of roads (Act, s 109A(1) or 109B(1)) - Form LA20 Business centres $236.20
11 Application for a lease of unallocated State land (Act, s 121(1)) - Form LA10 Business centres $236.20
12 Application for a change to a lease if the change is for the lease to be used for additional or fewer purposes (Act, s 154(1)) - Form LA13 Business centres $118.00
13 Application for a change to a lease if the change is a change of an imposed condition of a lease, licence or permit (Act, s 210) - Form LA13 Business centres $118.00
14 Application for extending particular term leases (Act, s 155A(2) or 155B(2)) Business centres $236.20
15 Application for an offer of a new lease (Act, s 158(1)) - Form LA02 & LA25 Business centres $236.20
16 Application for the Governor in Council's approval of a transfer (Act, s 174(3)) Business centres $118.00
17 Application for the removal of a covenant from land (Act, s 174(4)) - Form LA22 Business centres $118.00
18 Application for approval to subdivide a lease (Act, s 176(1)) - Form LA05 Business centres $236.20
19 Application for approval to amalgamate leases (Act, s 176K(1)) - Form LA06 Business centres $236.20
20 Application for a permit to occupy (Act, s 177A) - Form LA03 Business centres $236.20

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