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Place type Locality Bounded
Local authority Toowoomba Regional
Status Approved & Current
Date: 5 April 2012
Page: 898
Plan number QPN1216
Narrative Named and bounded by the Minister for Natural Resources 12 February 1999. Boundaries amended by the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, 23 September 2005. The Highfields post office opened in 1868 and the name was changed to Geham in 1876. The Office closed in1961. [Joan Frew, ANPS files] The post office probably took the railway station name. Information from the Railway Department suggests the name is from an Aboriginal word meaning 'a house on the land'. [Nomenclature of Railway Stations, ANPS files] Sometimes believed to be a corruption of Jim, the name of a local shepherd in the early days of settlement. [Brisbane Telegraph, ANPS files] Locality re-gazetted by an Amendment Notice published in the Government Gazette on the 5 April 2012 due to the council amalgamations under the Local Government Reform Implementation Act 2007.
Alternative name
Historical name
Latitude: 27° 23′ 17″ S
Longitude: 151° 59′ 54″ E
Datum: GDA94
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