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Place type Suburb
Local authority Brisbane City
Status Approved & Current
Date: 9 September 2011
Page: 54
Plan number QPN1170
Narrative Suburb named and bounded by Minister for Survey and Valuation 11 August 1975. Boundary altered by the Minister for Natural Resources and Minister for Mines, 14 November 2003. Boundaries altered by the Minister for Finance, Natural Resources and The Arts on 9 September 2011 by realigning them with the rear boundaries of properties or with the centre lines of major roads. The suburb name had been in common use since a public meeting on 22 March 1875 approved it. Norman Creek is likely to be the "Coorparoo Creek" referred to. Area known as Four Mile Camp until 1875. It is possible that the name derives from the Aboriginal name of the Creek, now known as Norman Creek, probably recorded as Koolpuroom by the early surveyors, which was associated with the presence of mosquitos. Another possible explanation for the name is that it is derived from Coorparoo Creek, reportedly using an Aboriginal word, Yuggera language, Turrbal dialect, Coorparoo clan word indicating the sound of the gentle dove (Refer J.G. Steele. Aboriginal pathways. Brisbane, 1983, p.131. and Vocabularies of Four Representative Tribes of South Eastern Queensland, page 103) however this appears to be in doubt as the reference to the "Gentle Dove" may refer to the Indian Turtle Dove or the Spotted Turtle Dove, which was introduced to the area in 1912, long after the naming of Coorparoo.
Alternative name
Historical name
Latitude: 27° 29′ 44″ S
Longitude: 153° 03′ 44″ E
Datum: GDA94
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