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Place type Island, Island Group, Islet
Local authority Fraser Coast Regional
Status Approved & Current
Date: 1 July 2011
Page: 552
Plan number QPN1037
Narrative Sometimes spelt Frazer, the island is also known variously as Great Sandy Island. Fraser Island is the common spelling, taking its name from James Fraser (1776?-1836) master mariner, whose ship Stirling Castle was wrecked in the Swain Reefs area on 22 May 1836. Fraser died in early August 1836 on the Island which carries his name, after being speared by one of the group of Aboriginal people which Fraser, his wife and two crew had joined. Refer F. Williams. Written in sand: a history of Fraser Island. Brisbane,1982, pp.34-41. The use of Fraser Island as a name was popularised by Henry Stuart Russell (1818-1889) pastoralist, historian and politician. Refer H.S. Russell. Genesis of Queensland. Sydney, 1888, p.259. Two alternative names given by the Minister for Finance, Natural Resources and The Arts 1 July 2011. K'gari - Derived from an Aboriginal word, Butchulla Language, meaning Fraser Island (Ref: Dictionary of the Butchulla Language by J. Bell 2004 Page 143). Variant "Gari" derived from Badtjala Language meaning Fraser Island. (Ref: Badtjala Word List by Wondunna Aboriginal Corporation 1996 Page 160).
Alternative name GARI
Historical name
Latitude: 25° 14′ 54″ S
Longitude: 153° 09′ 53″ E
Datum: GDA94
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