Place name details


Place type Locality Bounded
Local authority Northern Peninsula Area Regional
Status Approved & Current
Date: 6 November 2009
Page: 674
Plan number QPN1092
Narrative Named after town which is reportedly named after Bamaga Ginau, ( - ) who is said to have envisioned the settlement for his people, but died before it was founded. Bamaga Ginau was a Saibai elder. Named and bounded by the Minister for Natural Resources 20 October 2000. Named and bounded on the 6 November 2009 by the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade as a locality in the Regional Council of Northern Peninsula Area, the consequence of the the Local Government (Community Government Areas) Act 2004.
Alternative name
Historical name
Latitude: 10° 51′ 06″ S
Longitude: 142° 25′ 38″ E
Datum: GDA94
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