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Place type City, Town, Township
Local authority Toowoomba Regional
Status Approved & Current
Plan number
Narrative Probably derived from Pastoral Run name, which is listed in Grooms Almanac 1885 with nearby Cabarlah as the Post Town. The Highfields Agricultural Reserve was proclaimed in 1860. The Highfields No.1 School opened in 1870 in what had been the Rising Sun Hotel. The Highfields (1) post office opened for a short time in 1866. It became a post office again in 1876 with a name change to Koojarawon in 1877. The school name was not changed until 1906. In January 1907 the residents protested about the name change and the post office and school reverted to the original name of Highfields in 1907. Another Highfields post office in the area at different times became Geham. [Joan Frew, ANPS files]
Alternative name
Historical name
Latitude: 27° 27′ 48″ S
Longitude: 151° 56′ 44″ E
Datum: GDA94
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