Interactive topographic map index

 Instructions on how to use this map are included below the map.

 The map may take a short time to load on initial access or when layers are first turned on.

Map layers

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Topographic map coverage

  •   1:25000 series
  •   1:50000 series

Geoscience Australia
Topographic map coverage

  •   1:250000 series
  •   1:100000 series
  •   1:50000 series

How to use this map

The map shows the coverage of various scale topographic maps over Queensland and can be used to find out how to order the map you are interested in.

Steps for a map enquiry.

  1. Turn on the relevant topo map layer in the legend by clicking the button beside the layer.
  2. Select the location of interest with a single mouse click.
  3. If the selected area of interest is within topo map coverage, a point is displayed and an information window opens.
  4. From the information window a selection can be made to purchase the map online or view more information.

Further information

The map is indicative only and should only be used as a guide. The map is best viewed with more recent versions of web browser software.


Last updated: 28 March 2012
Last reviewed: 28 March 2012