National Electronic Conveyancing

Queensland is a participant in the national electronic conveyancing initiative. E-conveyancing will provide significant efficiencies in preparing and settling property transactions.

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Personal identification information in property data code of conduct

The department has introduced a new Personal Identification Information in Property Data Code of Conduct. The Code aims to prevent data being used for direct marketing purposes.

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Registering a power of attorney

If an attorney, on behalf of a principal, intends to deal with the principal’s land (e.g. to sell their home) the power of attorney must be registered in the land registry by lodging it with a properly completed Form16–Request to register power of attorney.

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Land title practice manual

The Land Title Practice Manual provides titling law, practice and procedure in Queensland to industry practitioners for the preparation of registry forms and requirements for lodgement of transactions in the registry.

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Land registry forms

Land registry forms are used for dealings under the Land Title Act 1994, the Land Act 1994 and the Water Act 2000.

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Online dealings status search

This free online search facility provides basic information on the current status of dealings received in the land registry.

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Land titles fee calculator

As a service to our customers, the Queensland Land Registry has made available an online fee calculator and a downloadable fee calculator for calculating the lodgement fees payable on commonly used forms.

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Last updated 26 November 2012