Online mapping tool

The online mapping tool enables interested parties to view the trigger map on a particular property, free of charge. You can select an area of interest using a Lot on Plan number or central coordinate and obtain a trigger map of the property in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) via email.

Trigger map – updated 21 December 2012

The trigger map is a starting point for identifying strategic cropping land (SCL). The map is based on soil, land and climate information. The trigger map indicates the location of potential SCL in Queensland. However, it is the on-ground assessment against the SCL criteria that will define SCL at a site level.

Regional series of trigger maps

Map of Queensland showing the areas that regional maps cover
(download a PDF version of this map (PDF, 1.5M)*)


There are five zones that accommodate regional differences in climate, land forms and cropping systems—the Western Cropping, Eastern Darling Downs, Coastal Queensland, Wet Tropics and Granite Belt zones.

While the SCL criteria are consistent across these cropping areas, different threshold values define specific soil and landscape features within each zone.

Protection and management areas

Two areas of SCL are identified on the trigger map—protection areas and a management area.

There are two protection areas—one in Central Queensland and one in Southern Queensland. These are the areas under intense and imminent development pressure.

Land within the protection areas that meets the SCL criteria will be afforded the highest protection by the legislation.

The management area includes many regions that are important to Queensland's cropping and horticultural industries and so has development assessment obligations.

A minor amendment to the protection area map was approved by the Chief Executive of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) on 17 July 2013.

View more information about the change to the protection area map.

Mitigation sub-zones

The Strategic Cropping Land Regulation 2011 prescribes the rate for determining the mitigation value in each zone and sub-zone. To confirm which mitigation zone or sub-zone a proposed development is in, use the SCL online mapping tool.

Validation decisions

Under the SCL Act, a validation application can be submitted to DNRM to confirm whether an area of land is or is not SCL. 

Where a validation application has been assessed and DNRM has made a validation decision that the land is SCL or is not SCL, the decision is recorded in the decision register.  By using the SCL online mapping tool, you can also view the trigger map to see where a validation decision has been made for particular land.

Accessing digital data

To download the digital data of the SCL trigger map, zones, protection areas, mitigation sub-zones and validation decisions free of charge, please visit the Queensland Government Information Service (QGIS) website.

The digital data is only suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS mapping software) and is accompanied by metadata.

The datasets can be obtained by searching the following terms under section 2 'Type of data' at the bottom of the QGIS web page:

Search terms"strategic cropping land" (include the inverted commas)

Topic category – select the Any topic category

Data source – select the Any topic category

Files should display. Select the file you want to download by checking Add to cart, then select the format of the data. Follow the prompts to access the data. Once you have completed the check-out prompts you will be emailed a link which will allow you to download the data free of charge.

Customers can also make a request from the QGIS website for the datasets to be provided on DVD; however, there is a charge for postage and handling.

For any additional digital data layers relating to SCL, please search the QGIS website in the first instance. The Product Delivery unit of Department of Natural Resources and Mines can also facilitate the supply of additional digital information to clients and can be contacted via email product delivery.

Requests for additional data layers may incur a fee.

Interactive resource and tenure maps

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) has added the SCL trigger map and information to its interactive resource and tenure maps (IRTM)

Please note: The IRTM maps relate to resource developments. The SCL online mapping tool uses property boundaries and is therefore more relevant for urban development and landholders, while resources developments have separate tenure boundaries and requirements that the IRTM incorporate.

Click on 'Connect to the interactive resource and tenure maps (IRTM)' or you can download the IRTM application.

Once you have the application open, go to 'Layers' then 'Constrained Lands' to locate the SCL protection areas and trigger areas.

Select and activate the ones you require for your enquiry.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the IRTM system, please email: irtmsupport.

* Requires Adobe Reader

Last updated 30 September 2013

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