Strategic cropping land

The Queensland Government is committed to protecting the State's best cropping land, called strategic cropping land (SCL), from development that will have an adverse impact on the productive capacity of the land.

Through an improved Statutory Regional Planning process and the SCL legislation, the Queensland Government is working to strike a balance between the agriculture, mining and urban development sectors. This work will help maintain the long-term viability of our food and fibre industries, and support economic growth for regional communities.

Development assessment changes

The Queensland Government has released a single State Planning Policy that simplifies and clarifies the State's interests for planning and development. The policy is available on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.

This policy replaces the previous State Planning Policy 1/12: Protection of Queensland's strategic cropping land (SPP 1/12).

Strategic cropping land framework review

Queensland’s strategic cropping land laws are being reviewed to improve their effectiveness and to better align with statutory regional planning processes to protect priority agricultural land and streamline legislation.

Under the Strategic Cropping Land Act 2011 (SCL Act), the Queensland Government is required to undertake a review of the legislation following two years of operation. This review will cover the SCL Act and other legislative tools developed to implement the SCL framework.

As part of the review, a discussion paper was released for public consultation. From this, the Review of the Strategic Cropping Land Framework Report (PDF, 562 kB) has been released which provides recommendations and outlines issued raised by stakeholders during the consultation phase.

The recommendations focus on practical changes to the SCL framework that will provide greater flexibility in government decision-making and regulatory certainty to stakeholders.

More information

For more information email or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

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Last updated 2 December 2013

Strategic cropping land